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Aimed with acting as a catalyst in order to explore hidden talent and imparting quality skills in order to make them more efficient and active.

Experts from various domains have years of practical knowledge and experience whose experience and skills allow you to gain an edge over other competitors. All of it commenced with a dream, expected through a humble character vision of our founders. An agency that shall offer emerging possibility to each scholar no matter his heritage

With the emerging year, possibilities are evolving in every area especially in the health domain, these opportunities stay in a specific area of interest and younger minds stay unaware of these hidden opportunities and their hidden capability. 

SalaryFied is aimed with the exquisite vision to create a platform that allows job seekers to get their dream job.  SalaryFied being an expert in nurturing younger skills in a continuously evolving environment that’s aligned to Industry 4.0. which encompasses a recent and newer industrial revolution.

A modern shift has been visible in the Indian Pharma region in which the tech advancements are developing plenty of opportunities for rookies and disrupting the not-on-time strategies to evolve discoveries to generate new horizons for unfolding new opportunities for young minds.

Our foundation is very sturdy, and we have years of realistic knowledge and an esteemed reputation in the corporate aid world which virtually give us an aspect over other competitors in today’s generation. We’ve got alumni operating in various MNCs and other prestigious employers.

Our final intention isn’t always to make income but to nurture young and notable minds in order to get future leaders who can convey prosperity in society. Our guides were incepted with excellent competencies to impart satisfactory expertise in order to excel inside the corporate world.

We’ve tie-ups with many worldwide as well as countrywide companies, and our alumni network is very dense.  With the purpose to deliver a revolution in the health sector we’ve kick-started our offerings from 

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We at Salaryfied Consulting Services assist you to get your dream jobs, pursue a rewarding career.

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Our Founder



Founder & Chief Strategist

Mr Chauhan previous assignment was in the capacity of Head, Corporate Resource Centre, Amity University, Noida & also President-IIC-MHRD, Govt of India.
He is an Academician, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Image consultant, business & life coach, consultant and a life-long learner. He is having more than 15 years of experience in the field of teaching, mentoring, corporate training, industry connect, international affairs, hiring-recruitment & business consulting. 

Awards & Accolades: 

  • Best Alumni Award by Alma Mater Young Talent Award during International Conference at Thailand by SPER on 3 Oct 2019.
  • Conferred with DR APJ Abdul Kalam Leadership In Innovation Award on 15 Oct 2019.
  • Conferred with Young Talent Award during Global Pharma Summit at Mumbai on 9 Nov 2019 for his constant contribution towards training placement and corporate affairs.
  •  Conferred with Entrepreneurship Excellence Award by Lion Club Delhi in 16 Feb 2020
  • Conferred with Best Dermacare & Anti Ageing Start-ups on July 2022 by IIS, Mentor & Mascot

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Head, Corporate Engagement, Partnership, and Alliances


Head, Content Strategist & Public Relation


Head, Technical Services

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