Entrepreneurship Boot Camp!
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“Lecture on Mountain And Lecture on Beaches”

The 4 days entrepreneurship boot camp will bring together
industry veterans to interact and draw attention to best practices
and promote innovation to capture consumer interest that will
help grow the arena of Entrepreneur and help youth to inculcate entrepreneur skills.

Despite being intellectually focused & sound, well-informative and career-
conscious, today’s students often lack the qualities that make a person,
The need, therefore, is to perceive and to create awareness to inculcate the
values of creativity, attributes of an entrepreneur, excellence, innovation,
leadership and independence.

Objectives of the Camp
1. How to become a successful Unicorn?
2. Enable them to realize their potential and develop capabilities to meet
the unforeseen challenges forthcoming.
3. Counsel and motivate young students to seek innovation and
challenging career options.
4. Foster entrepreneurial traits including creativity, concern for
excellence, leadership, and problem solving.
5. Establish a forum of the participants for networking and to fruitfully
utilize such interactions in future entrepreneurial ventures.

6. Provide them with an opportunity to interact extensively in formal and
informal settings, with well-known entrepreneurs and achievers.

Head Office

GVS Tower, Sector-107, Noida, Delhi NCR

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International Branch Office

145 Al Waha, Dubai , UAE

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