International Scholarships

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International Scholarships

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If you need an expert opinion, we invite you to have a discussion with us, plan your study under our guidance. It will always be better to have an expert opinion from a reliable source. We will also help you in management of finance with prestigious fellowship programmes, best suited for you.


Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships
Master’s level study programmes offered at institutions across Europe, with scholarships available. The amount of the scholarship varies and is determined by the country, the course being followed, and the tuition charge. The scholarship, on the other hand, largely covers school costs, travel, living expenses, and insurance. For more information, visit

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships
This fellowship is for exceptional Indian students who want to pursue for a master’s degree in the United States. They must have achieved a 55 percent aggregate grade in the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in the United States. They should also have shown leadership characteristics and have three years of professional experience, as well as a strong desire to return to India and help their community.

Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship
This fellowship is awarded to Indian scholars who are pursuing a Ph.D. at an Indian institution and are affiliated with a host institution in the United States throughout the grant time. The deadline for submitting a Ph.D. thesis should not be more than three months after the Fulbright Nehru grant ends. An applicant must upload a copy of a published or presented article or paper to the online application form. Extracts from the Masters/M. Phil Thesis can be uploaded as well.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
The Hubert H. Humphrey programme was established in 1978 to memorialise the late Senator and Vice-President of the United States, Hubert H. Humphrey. This programme brings exceptional young and mid-career professionals from developing nations to the US for 10 months of non-degree graduate studies and related professional experiences.

Great Wall Program
Students from underdeveloped countries who desire to study or carry out research in China are eligible for this award. The Chinese Ministry of Education established it for UNESCO to finance students for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate study. Most of the academic programmes will be held in English. As visiting scholars, selected individuals will pursue their studies at the host universities. Candidates may be required to study Chinese before conducting research or studying in their fields of interest in extraordinary circumstances.

National Overseas Scholarship Scheme
This government grant is for students who want to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in Engineering and Management, Pure and Applied Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Medicine. The tuition costs as well as other educational expenditures such as contingency allowance, maintenance, travel expenses, and others are covered by this Government of India grant for further studies overseas.


Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme
The Orange Tulip Scholarship Program (OTS) provides opportunities for bright students from numerous Neso nations to study in the Netherlands. This scholarship, which is offered by higher education institutions, multinational corporations, and government agencies, is for talented Indian students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or Master's degree in the Netherlands. The scholarship amount varies and might range from a full study price to a 50% reduction in study costs to only a 25% reduction in study fees. It’s likely that the scholarships will simply be used to cover living expenses or visa fees, for example.

GREAT Scholarships India
The British Council offers this fellowship to Indian students interested in studying in the United Kingdom. Students applying for the scholarship must be Indian citizens who have been accepted into one of the universities on the list. They should also have demonstrated leadership potential and skills.

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
This scholarship is for students admitted to a Postgraduate Masters programme at any of Scotland's higher education institutions and is "offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish universities in the areas of science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy." Students seeking for the scholarship must be Indian citizens who have been accepted to one of the universities in the selected list. They should also show that they can afford to pay for living expenses in Scotland as well as the remaining tuition payments.

Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Program
This loan scholarship is awarded to Indian students who wish to pursue a Postgraduate degree in Pure Sciences at one of the world's top universities. The Foundation's postgraduate scholarship programme aims to enable deserving individuals to pursue postgraduate studies at top Indian and international institutions.
The applicant must be under 30 years old, a permanent resident of India, and hold a graduate degree from a recognised Indian university. This programme is also open to students in their final year of study.

The JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians
For Indian students, this is one of the most popular loan scholarships. Students applying for it must be Indian residents and hold a graduate degree from an accredited Indian university. Students in their final year of study are eligible to apply, if they have been accepted into a postgraduate degree programme at a prominent university abroad.

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