How To Prepare For A Job!


The following are some essential steps for pre-interview preparation:

1. Review the job description
To truly understand how the employer has described the position and the kind of individual they are seeking, read the job description carefully. Review the major terms and phrases that the employer employs to highlight their expectations in detail.The more closely you can match your skills and qualifications to the job description, the more likely you are to impress the interviewer. The job description may also provide some insights into the nature of questions the interviewer may ask. Related: Professional Resume Samples to Help You Land a Job

2. Consider your eligibility for the job
Consider your qualifications and experience. Consider why you are required to apply for that job and why the recruiter should hire you. Assessing how the job fits into your career path and what value you can bring to the company will assist you compel the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the position.

3. Learn more about the company
Learn more about the company by visiting its website, social media pages, employee reviews, and other online resources. Learn about its mission, management, work culture, the products it offers, and the clients it serves. Learn about its most recent revenue, growth prospects, and business plans. Most businesses display management information on their ‘about ‘ page, employment information on their ‘careers’ or ‘work with’ page, and investor information on their ‘investor relations’ page. A thorough research of the company allows you to align your CV with its expectations. It also aids you in answering questions about the company during the interview. If you are familiar with the organisation, you can also ask pertinent  questions to the interviewer, demonstrating your interest in the position. If you are applying for a non-technical position, you do not need to go into technical details.The idea is to get a basic understanding of the company’s line of business.

4. Prepare a list of expected interview questions
Gather a list of common interview questions for the position in question and start planning thoughtful responses. Prepare impressive responses to questions that will allow you to highlight your skills and interest in the position. In addition to position- specific questions, consider including the following FAQ&’s on your list:
Tell me about yourself.
Why are looking for a job change?
Why do you want this job?
What are your strengths and weaknesses? What motivates you?
Where do you see yourself in five years?

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5. Practice mock interviews
It is common to feel anxious and swamped during an interview, regardless of how well you prepare. Mock interviews can be extremely beneficial in this regard. They can simulate an interview setting and boost your confidence. Request that your friends or family conduct a mock interview for you. Consider videotaping the entire process in order to analyse your performance. If you cannot find anyone to play the interviewer, you can rehearse the interview in front of a mirror. Related: How to Prepare and Practise for a Mock Interview

6. Organise your documents
You may have applied with a digital copy of your CV, but it is always a good idea to keep hard copies of all your documents on hand in case the interviewer requires them. Print out your resume and cover letter. Put all of your important documents in a folder, including your mark sheets, certificates, ID proofs, and photographs. If HR has asked you to bring any specific documents, such as salary slips, a letter of resignation from your previous employer, or a bank statement, make sure you have them ready as well.

7. Update your social media profile
Make sure your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform is up to date. Employers frequently look at your social media presence to  get a sense of your personality and background. Look up your name in Google to see what comes up. If there is anything unpleasant, be prepared to respond if the interviewer brings it up.

8. Make travel arrangements
Familiarize yourself with the location map given by the employer. You can also use google Maps to get directions to the venue. Plan your timing and mode of transportation based on the distance and time it will take to commute. Keep the HR department’s contact information on hand in case you need assistance locating the company.

9. Decide on your interview dress
Choose a formal outfit to wear to the interview. Check that the clothing is clean and wrinkle-free. If you intend to use deodorant or perfume, make sure it is gentle. Plan
for a neat and clean appearance with well-cut hair and a shaved or trimmed beard.

Follow these steps to prepare for a job interview when you are at the interview venue:

1. Reach the location early

Arrive at the venue a few minutes before the scheduled time. It allows you to relax and unwind. If it is a long distance away from your home and the journey has been exhausting, you could use the extra time to drink water, use the restroom, or freshen up. Arriving early reduces anxiety and allows you to mentally prepare for the interview.
2. Be polite
The way you carry yourself at work reveals a lot about you. Many businesses use CCTV footage to assess your personality. While you wait for your turn, sit patiently and with good posture. Be courteous to everyone you encounter, including the receptionist, security guard, and other candidates.
3. Be mindful of your body language
When speaking with the interviewer, be firm and confident. You can begin practising as soon as you join the company. When interacting with the receptionist or HR executive, be mindful of your body language. Take note of how you smile and greet them.
4. Ask thoughtful questions to the interviewer
Most interviewers will allow you to clarify your concerns and questions. Make mental notes to ask pertinent questions to the interviewer during the interview. If you have any questions about the position, the company, or anything else, you can ask them at the end of the interview.

The following steps can help you after you have attended the interview:

1. Analyse your performance
When you return from the interview, take a few minutes to reflect on how you  performed and where you could have improved. Consider whether you overlooked something or whether you could have responded to a specific question more effectively. This will help you significantly improve your interview skills.

2. Inform your references
If you provided references in your CV or job application, make sure to notify them so that they are not caught off guard when HR contacts them. Inform your references about the company and the position you’ve applied for. Tell them what skills and qualities you want them to recommend you for.
3. Follow up with HR
If you do not hear back from the company within the expected time frame, you should contact the HR department to inquire about the outcome of the interview. You can reach us by phone or email. Regardless of the mode you use, be sure to include your name, position applied for, interview date, interviewer name, and other pertinent information to help the HR staff remember your meeting.

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