The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Great Platform

The pharmaceutical industry is a major contributor to our economy. The pharmaceutical industry is growing day and day at minimum CAGR of 15%.
In recent time there is paradigm shift in jobs in phama sector where candidates and recruiters both have preference have changed.
There are jobs in pharmacovigilance sectors which is very well
developing and prominent field.
One of the emerging field is research associate (RA) where the students have honeup and acquire new skills. There are lot of opportunities to go abroad by getting a jobs in the companies like PharmaAce and TCS healthcare. RA has become first choice of jobs by many students.
These are others roles that are responsible for drug safety and
ensuring that all medicines and treatments are tested thoroughly before being used on the public.

The joys of pharma jobs can be found in helping discover, sell or create something that will be helpful to thousands of people; you could even be part of a research team that discovers a cure for a condition or syndrome that has never been achieved before, or you could be part of the marketing campaign for a drug that will change people's lives for the better. Another one is DHA (Dubai Health Authority) exam, which provide students to work in UAE and earn very good amount ranging from 12 to 15 LPA.
One of the conventional areas for jobs are production, QA, QC and analysis along with storage.
Jobs in pharmacy retails and hospital are one of the important sector which allow students to use and apply their practical skills. On another hand pharma students are doing miracle in the field of clinical trials and clinical research, which is paving the way towards drug discovery.
Pharma graduates also involved in to do extended secondary research on regulatory authority sources and other secondary sources, analyze the available regulatory information and update the required regulatory information in the database and to update regulatory information for drugs, medical devices, biologics, generics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and others and this jobs is not restricted to above mention roles but also responsible for the preparation and peer review of quality regulatory submissions for various markets for timely approvals.
Overall pharma domain opens up a plethora and pandora box of jobs where students can work and acquired new skills a and structure their career.

Blog by :  Nitesh Chauhan
Founder &Chief Strategist
Salaryfied Consulting Services
Sr. Recruitment Consultant